Abstract Analogies is out on Bandcamp

The brand new album, Abstract Analogies, has just been released on Bandcamp.

Abstract Analogies can be considered a sonic movie. Each track is carefully written and produced as a chapter in a wordless story. As in every story the listener will experience twists and turns, and themes will be repeated in variations. For the optimum experience the album should be listened to from start to end, but each chapter tells its own little story as well.

Go to Bandcamp and listen to the album in its full length.

Abstract Analogies

Abstract Analogies available on Bandcamp


Abstract Analogies will be released on July 1

The release of the very new Nomatisan album, Abstract Analogies, has been a bit delayed, but I am pleased to announce that on July 1 it will be available on Bandcamp. It’s authentic, top-notch and friendly electronic music made with analog and modular synthesizers.


Chapter 2: Equal Existence is released

Chapter 2: Equal Existence is yet another chapter to be relased in a series that will form a full length album.

This track starts with a dark and moody part that transforms into a more rhythmic part with a phasing polysynth pad. The last part is soft, floating and a bit mystical.

Instruments used are Moog, Prophet, Analogue Solutions, Doepfer, Korg, Retro Synth and NI Maschine.

Chapter 2: Equal Existence is available on Bandcamp.



‘Chapter 6: Magnificent Mind’ is out!

Chapter 6: Magnificent Mind is the third chapter to be released from a series that will form a full length album.

This track is built on a 7/8 signature with a classic analog synth bass line. It breaks down into a 4/4 part with sweeping polysynths and then returns to the main groove. A soft Moog lead concludes the track.
Chapter 6Synths used are Moog, Prophet, Analogue Solutions, Doepfer, Novation Bass Station and Korg.

Click the cover to go to Bandcamp to listen/buy/download. It’s free!


~ Nomatisan

‘Chapter 6: Magnificent Mind’ (preview)

Chapter 6: Magnificent Mind will be released on January 21 on Bandcamp.

It’s electronic, instrumental, rhythmic and melodic. Made with analog and modular synthesizers. It’s top-notch, authentic and friendly electronic music.

Compilation for the Haiyan​/​Yolanda Victims

RadioHappy.eu has released a compilation for the Haiyan/Yolanda victims. It’s a compilation of electronic music, in several styles, ambient, berlin school, synthpop, experimental, drones and more. Go to http://radiohappy.bandcamp.com/ to listen/buy/download. It’s a unique opportunity to get 76 (!) tracks for just €7.50 and in the same time support the Haiyan/Yolanda victims. The proceeds of the sale will be donated to SaveTheChildren.org.